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Burglar Alarm Equipment

Bulldog Security utilise the latest range of Visonic Power Master range:


Panel: power-master 33

State of the art intruder alarm panel. Holds up to 38 individual user codes. The ability to host 38 separate wireless equipment links. A built in speech dialler, and the ability to accommodate a GSM module. Tamper proof channel hopping frequency technology for anti-external source hacking.


Standard PIR

Covers a 30 foot range with a 170 degree arc. Passive infrared technology, tamper proof. Smart systems mean our PIRs enter a ‘sleep mode’ after 90 seconds on inactivity when your alarm is unset. Keeping battery life extended.


Camera PIR

As standard PIR but with a build in camera. Upon intrusion and activation of your system the camera will take a video clip with audio, and a series of stills. The wireless pir comes with a built in PIR to assist in low viability conditions.


Door contact

Wireless and an active contact meaning the power-master will notify you when the contact breaks and the door is opened even when your alarm is in standby mode.


Key fob

Remote setting/ unsettling and partial arm capabilities combined with a status button allowing you to fully operate your alarm system from a distance of 50 metres. Sleek and ergonomic design alongside a fully water resistant unit. Also feature a audible dual press panic function


Panic alert fob

Single press functionality to activate your alarm in a silent mode. Fully waterproof and shock proof with a 100 m range. Peace of mind for slips trips fall and panic situations. Wearable with a lanyard with anti-choke clasp or a belt clip and holster.


Touch Screen Key Pad

It’s easy to manage your burglar alarm through a stylish, simple to use touchscreen keypad.


Smart Key fobs

It’s easy to manage your burglar alarm through a stylish, simple to use touchscreen keypad.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector

Gives early warning of CO poisoning danger, preventing damage to vital organs and even death. Transmits all alerts to the control panel, which instantly forwards the alert to a central station or private phone number.


Visual deterrent

Exterior non-functioning decoy box (live siren boxes are available upon request) security stickers for your premises. Larger A2 and A3 gate and wall signs are also available upon request.

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