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Monitoring & Guarding

Bulldog Security Ltd provide Monitored and Guarded systems where the monitoring centre is fully NSI gold approved, watching over the alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the alarm is triggered the monitoring centre will notify you and your key holders and alert a guard response team to respond directly to your premises.

The guard team can respond not just for alarm activations but also double up as first aid response dealing with slips, trips and falls within the household via a panic button.

As far as Bulldog Security are concerned there is no such thing as a false activation. There is a reason your alarm has triggered and we want to make sure it’s dealt with effectively and safely each and every time.

We work with a national network of guarding companies to provide you and your alarm with a professional and immediate response if the system triggers. These qualified S.I.A. (Security Industry Authority) security officers are mobile and local to your area at all times and are your safety net once the alarm triggers. Responding to your property not just for the alarm activation but also from those times of panic and distress, coupled with a first aid response button allowing you the peace of mind for you and your family.

Even upon hearing a bump in the night just one press of the emergency panic button and your alarm system will have notified the monitoring centre and the guarding team will already be on its way to you.

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